How to get your ex back

Here’s what you can do to improve your chances of winning your ex back

1. Apologise sincerely
If you are responsible for the split then apologise genuinely, and give an explanation of why you acted as you did.

2. Don’t become a stalker
Calling your ex contantly will not be effective, they need to make the decision on their own.

3. Don’t try and make them jealous
A number of people seek to make their ex jealous by going out with others, but this hardly ever is a successful strategy.

4. Don’t ever send off presents
Your lover has lost the feeling they experienced, so this won’t help.

5. Never be feeble
Begging with them will simply make them lose their respect for you.

6. Try your best to be positive
This will make it more probable you will get your ex back, and even if you do not, you’ll be more likely to find another person quickly.

7. Try getting a common friend involved
Ask them to comment to your ex on what a fantastic couple you were and say something like “It is a shame you two aren’t able to solve your problems “. If they say there was agreement then approach your ex personally.

8. Propose change
Suggest to them how you and the relationship can change.

9. Attempt to revitalize your chemistry
Think about what things about you your ex has responded to in a favorable manner lately and strive to make use of this to revitalize the chemistry between you.

10. Look for professional aid
Be open to the idea of counseling, you should get perspective that you would not otherwise get.

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This is how not to do it!

The Magic of Making Up – review

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How to save my marriage?

Around fifty percent of marriages end in breakup, which is almost always a very painful process and costly in many different ways. Before setting out on this route, it’s best to do all you can to think of how to save your marriage, so here is some assistance.

Do not be critical
Nobody wishes to be with someone who criticizes them day in and day out. Therefore whenever you feel yourself being critical with your partner, strive to end it straight away. , whenever you are critical it will only make things even worse in your marriage.

Praise your partner
As an alternative to attacking your partner, try praising them as an alternative. This can be challenging when marriages start to go awry, but try really hard to do it.

Try to be positive
Contemplate the good things in your marriage and create a list of all of them. If there are no good points, and never have been, you could possibly be in the wrong relationship !

Be patient
It is best never to pressurize your spouse into taking a look at the marriage, just allow them to know that you are ready to talk once they are, and wish to sort things out.

Communicate well
This is the core of all really good relationships, so try to speak to your spouse about just how you and they are thinking

Stay calm
Pause and begin again afterwards when things have cooled down if either of you become upset when talking about your difficulties.

Try to change
Do everything you can to be the kind of person that your partner wants

Do more activities together
Make efforts to do some activities together if you have completely different lives and interests.

Hopefully this has given you some useful tips on how to save your relationship.